Bing Maps Makes New Microsoft Flight Simulation More Realistic

The new Microsoft flight simulation, which will be launched next year, will allow users to find their home inside. Microsoft Flight Simulation uses 3D data from Bing Maps to bring the virtual world to a high degree of consistency with the real map. Jorg Neumann, head of flight simulation at Microsoft, said the game began with apps developed for HoloLens enhanced display glasses, saying, “We want people to use headsets to be able to virtually travel around the world.” “

The app uses Bing Maps, so its rendering was ready five years ago. Two years later, they began to shift the idea to flight simulation.

Bing Maps Makes New Microsoft Flight Simulation More Realistic

Microsoft partnered with French game developer Asobo Studio to develop flight simulation, consulting the flight and flight simulation community, integrating data and technical guides from aircraft and avionics manufacturers to include accurate data from some 40,000 airports worldwide.

The new Microsoft Flight Simulation provides terrain maps that are accurate to street buildings, which will require networking to load real-time weather and map data, but also support offline games that reduce map detail, allowing downloading of specific area maps for a complete offline gaming experience.                      

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