NASA’s Juno probe finds huge cyclone on Jupiter

NASA’s Juno probe has been orbiting the powerful gas giant planet Jupiter for years, and it has returned some very interesting observations during its stay there. Since Jupiter is covered by huge vortex clouds, it makes sense for Juno to have plenty of time to focus on Jupiter’s weather. NASA says its Juno probe has discovered a new cyclone near Jupiter’s south pole.

NASA's Juno probe finds huge cyclone on Jupiter

In an article on NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory website, researchers from the Juno scientific team described the discovery of a new southern cyclone on the gas-state giant planet.

Here’s a brief introduction to juno’s team:

NASA’s Juno probe spotted a huge cyclone in Jupiter during its most recent Jupiter flyby on November 3, 2019. It was the 22nd flyby, and the solar-powered probe collected scientific data on the gas-state giant planet, which was only 2,175 miles from Jupiter. The fly-off also marked a victory for the mission team, whose innovative measures freed the solar spacecraft from the trouble symmothes of a solar eclipse that could end the mission.

The Juno probe has repeatedly flown over Jupiter’s south pole, indicating what appears to be multiple swirling storms gathering near a central point. These twisted cyclones have been “preventing” other cyclones from entering the polar regions, but found “new arrivals” as Juno flew through the poles on the 22nd.

NASA's Juno probe finds huge cyclone on Jupiter

In the image above, a new cyclone appears as a bright yellow sphere in the lower right corner, becoming the sixth cyclone to form around the center point. In terms of size, the new cyclone is about the size of Texas.

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