Varjo brings advanced Windows desktop experience steam in VR/XR environments

As a Finnish start-up, Varjo is committed to delivering device computing and software experiences based on VR/AR/XR environments. Today, the company announced a new 2D/3D immersive UI code-named “Varjo Workspace” to make it easy for anyone to use Windows desktop applications and 3D software in a VR/AR environment. In addition, users can freely switch between real, virtual, and mixed reality modes.

Varjo brings advanced Windows desktop experience steam in VR/XR environments

(From: Varjo, via MSPU)

With VarJo Workspace, users can configure to use an unlimited number of “monitor areas” and work simultaneously in the 2D and 3D worlds.

As an important part of Varjo’s vision for future computing, professional users can resize their interfaces to experience and modify their 3D models without even having to take off their headsets.

Unlike other VR solutions on the market, Varjo is primarily for the high-end professional market, and its XR-1 developer suite is more than 60 pixels per degree, more than 20 times the resolution of conventional products.

The hardware body is priced at $9995 (69886 RMB) and the cost of software and support services is $1995 (13,949 RMB). Urho Konttori, Varjo Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, says:

Varjo Workspace shows how future professionals can interact with computers and get a different experience from other immersive computing UIs.

It integrates the current use of 2D professional applications and enables all enhancements through Varjo’s XR-1 developer suite.

We are also the only manufacturer of products with realistic visual fidelity, perfect color accuracy, and control in both VR and XR.

With XR-1 and Varjo Workspace, users can make instant iterations and faster 2D/3D workflows, greatly expanding the value of mixed reality to professionals.

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