JetBlue AirSMR Audio Experience Brings PassengerS to Soothing

JetBlue has launched airSMR, a nine-minute audio experience that includes airport announcements, crowd movements, the removal of snack bags, and the sound of planes taking off and landing in the distance, according tomedia. In theory, it all sounds like an auditory nightmare. But this experience is an unexpected feeling of comfort. The video is now available on JetBlue’s official YouTube page, and jetblue’s in-flight meditation course can also be found on the health app Inscape.

JetBlue AirSMR Audio Experience Brings PassengerS to Soothing

In the video, a woman describes an airport scene in a calm voice, while in the background, the sound of people walking around the airport and the sound of various luggage rolling can be heard.

The airline teamed up with researcher Craig Richard to create the soundscapes. Judging by the contents of Richard’s book Brain Tingles and his lifelong work, he must have been the most Zen-minded man alive.

AirSMR is one of the manifestations airlines trying to attract customers by exclusive flight content. In addition, JetBlue recently struck a deal with Spotify and Showtime to offer podcasts and series on Showtime to air customers. By the way, the British airline also launched VR Entertainment in first class this year, so passengers can pretend they’re in another real world rather than at 35,000 feet.

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