Should everyone pay the ransomware promoter? Microsoft: No

According tomedia reports, ransomware affects large and small PC users, some municipalities have been severely affected and thus paralyzed for weeks, because some ransomware encrypts the user’s data and then requires the attacker to pay a fee before it can resume normal operation. Typically, ransomware also attacks the backup system, which in turn can completely paralyze the system.

Should everyone pay the ransomware promoter? Microsoft: No


Many cities have been lured and willing to pay ransoms after ransom demands, critical infrastructure and hundreds of thousands of people were forced to lose their administrative capacity, and so far some have caved in.

However, Microsoft recently made clear its advice, that is, never give in to cyber criminals. Unfortunately, however, the company did not elaborate on how to solve the dilemma, but merely put forward the phrase “prevention is better than solution”.

Here are some of Microsoft’s recommendations:

Use an efficient mail filtering solution

Regular patching and effective vulnerability management of hardware and software systems

Adopt the latest antivirus and endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions

Separate management and privileged credentials from standard vouchers

Deploy efficient application whitelisting programs

Regular backup of critical systems and files

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