2019 Mac Pro on sale soon

The latest news shows that Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro is already on the FCC’s website, meaning it’s not far from selling. At WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled the new Professional Desktop Workstation Mac Pro, the first product update in six years since the 2013 Mac Pro launch, and the new Mac Pro is manufactured at its Austin, Texas, facility, as it did in previous generations.

Avant-garde styling

If the 2013 Mac Pro is marked by a cylindrical barrel (nicknamed a trash can by netizens), the 2019 Mac Pro also has 100 percent memory points in shape, and the chic chassis raster is designed to maximize airflow and reduce noise. Entertaining netizens also gave it the nickname of a planer or garlic cutter, but in any case, this is probably the most impressive new machine left us.

Appearance, the 2019 Mac Pro is a stainless steel frame with tubes on either side of the chassis connected to rigid top and bottom panels and secured all other components, a unique design that makes it more modular than any previous Mac computer.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

At the WWDC 19 conference, Apple deftly demonstrated the Mac Pro architecture so that the public could see the details inside it. The aluminum housing of the chassis has a rotating handle that provides barrier-free access to the front and rear of the fuselage after unlocking, and the ends of the enclosure are made of grounded aluminum plates, with spherical cross-meshes spread over the panels at both ends to form a “hollowmore than metal” layout. This design ensures that turbulent air can be blown out even at low fan speeds, effectively absorbing heat and rapidly draining it from the rear end.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

Ultra-power and super-scale

The new Mac Pro offers a slotted Intel Xeon W CPU, allowing users to select 8-core, 12-core, 16-core, 24-core, or 28-core models, each with a cache of 25MB to 67MB, depending on the processor model.

The CPU also has its own 300W thermal architecture design, making it completely unrestricted. And, of course, there’s a robust radiator that relies on the three impeller fans behind it to cool down and keep it as quiet as possible with the help of a spherical cross mesh opening. On the WWDC19 show, it does it quietly even when working under high pressure.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

Mac Pro also provides 12 RAM slots in a 6-channel memory architecture that supports DDR4 ECC modules. With up to 1.5TB of RAM, this new machine now has 12 times more memory than the previous Mac Pro and six times more than the iMac Pro, so you don’t have to think you’re running out of memory. And if you’re rich enough, you can buy 12 state-of-the-art 2933MHz RAM modules.

Like the 2013 Mac Pro, the 2019 Mac Pro features an all-flash, SSD storage architecture. Its SSD is twice as large as the earlier model of SSD modules, each supporting 2TB of capacity, and supporting a total of 4TB on-board storage after Apple T2 chip encryption. The new SSD module provides read-write speeds of up to 2.6GB/s.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

In addition to accessing SSD storage through the slot next to the fan, Mac Pro offers two internal SATA connectors to support traditional hard drives. PegASUS, a third-party storage partner, demonstrated an internal storage shell designed for Mac Pro to accommodate two 3.5-inch SATA drives.

The new Mac Pro also continues Apple’s 40Gb/s Lightning 3 interface extension, with two built-in Thunderbolt 3 ports on top and two on the I/O card. Two traditional 5Gb/s USB-A ports are also available, either for convenience or to accommodate third-party professional software.

Not only is the Thunder 3 extension, but the new Mac Pro also integrates the standard PCIe expansion slot and Apple MPX module, providing twice as many slots as the previous generation, and its slots are more powerful and more functional. PCI Express gen 3 is available for each slot with a total of 64 PCI Express channels. MPX provides up to 500W of power for specialpower expansion cards such as GPUs, enough to enable users to use two Vega II Duo graphics for amazing 56 teraflop graphics performance and 128GB of memory.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

After years of being derided for not supporting the latest high-end PC graphics card, Apple now describes AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega II dual cards as “the most powerful graphics card in the world” and pairs two GPUs on one card to connect with FabricY Link. Incredibly, the new Mac Pro can accommodate both AMD’s Radeon Pro Vega II MPX modules.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

The two GPU MPX modules (each 64GB of memory) are fully capable of enabling 56 trillion floating-point operations and will support up to 12 4K displays, or up to six of Apple’s new 6K Pro Display XDR professional displays.

The problem with Mac Pro in 2013 was that it wasn’t physically big enough to support the growing chip heat dissipation and the expansion of additional specialized processors, and the new Mac Pro broke the limit with the ultimate design intent on expanding power demand and cooling. MPX modules are integrated into the hot design of mac Pro, so they don’t have to provide their own fans and cooling systems, resulting in a quieter, more efficient environment, both on the desk and on the server rack.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

For those who need more internal storage rather than graphics processing power, MPX can also be used specifically to host a RAID module, such as Pegasus R4i, which can accommodate four switchable modules with a full-size SATA hard drive. It provides up to 32TB of raw storage space and can be configured for RAID 5 for disk segmentation.

Professional users can use Final Cut Pro X and other software that uses Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW codecs, and more importantly, take advantage of apple-customed Afterburner acceleration cards for the new Mac Pro, which can be optimized for 6.3 billion pixels per second Speed video encoding. Apple says it can process up to 3 8K ProRes RAW streams at 30FPS frame rates or 16 4K ProRes 422 video streams at 30FPS frame rates.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

Pro Tools users can also take advantage of up to six Avid HDX cards installed on the new Mac Pro, each with a DSP chip capable of handling 256 tracks, twice as many as any other professional tool system can support.

The Value of Mac Pro

The new Mac Pro is more than just a machine, it’s also a hardware platform that can host a variety of specialized processor cards and storage expansion units. This makes it a versatile professional tool for working with work that previously required multiple systems, from processing multiple video streams in real time, to assigning large numbers of virtual instruments, to modeling with large data sets, and with the depth of the architecture, to be able to handle tasks that a previous machine could not.

The new Mac Pro isn’t a “very good” desktop machine, it’s very clear lying at the very heavy workload of professionals who work in 8K video, movie music production, professional photography, and complex code development, who need a very relaxed budget. The new Mac Pro’s base price is $6,000, and as you add memory, SDD, plug-in GPUs, and HDX cards, the price will go up wildly – an estimated additional $3,700 will be paid for the additional expansion.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

To some extent, it is difficult to achieve significant growth because of the relatively small size of units in the high-end professional market. Sales of traditional desktop computers have been declining for the past 20 years, first losing out to increasingly powerful laptops and then being further eroded by mobile devices in the lower end of the market. Today, iPhones and iPads serve most of the low-end PC market, and the MacBook Pro’s high-profile models effectively address the entry-level professional market.

The desktop Mac used to be Apple’s “axe” and Apple’s “golden house.” But as the growth of traditional desktop PCs stagnates and the huge market demand shifts to the MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad, it has resisted market pressure to bring courage to professional users to Mac Pro and monster-class iM, even as apple was once thought to have lost interest in selling high-end Mac computers. ac Pro. Today, the strongest Mac in history (the title has been repeatedly refreshed) will soon be on the market and set the stage for Apple’s return to rack-mounted servers.

2019 Mac Pro发售在即 买不起可以了解一下

Its sales may not change much for Apple’s performance, but there is no doubt that in the high-end professional market, Apple remains a player to look up to.

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