E-cigarettes are more at risk to health than using e-cigarettes alone, study says

A study by the University of California has shown that using e-cigarettes in combination with traditional cigarettes poses a greater risk to health than using e-cigarettes alone, according to slashGear, amedia outlet, Slash Gear. The most obvious minimum risk option is to avoid smoking almost entirely, but this study focuses on respiratory diseases in smokers.

E-cigarettes are more at risk to health than using e-cigarettes alone, study says

The use of tobacco in e-cigarettes and the traditional way of using tobacco affects the body in different ways. While neither is completely healthy, the study suggests that using both methods only increases the risk of respiratory disease. Researchers Bhatta and Glantz wrote: “The finding sedation that e-cigarettes and the effects of smoking is an independent risk is consistent with evidence of substantial differences in proteins expressed in human lung epithelial cells derived from the respiratory tracts of smokers and e-cigarette users. “

The researchers surveyed a total of 19,475 tobacco users. They account for e-cigarette users, combustible tobacco users and cigarette users. The analysis of tobacco-only analysis was similar to that of respondents to “combustible tobacco smokers”. The risk of cigarettes being packed (usually purchased in the form of a pack) is almost the same as the risk of any other “combustible tobacco”.

Note: This study is independent of studies on the use of cannabis/THC products in e-cigarettes. The study focused on traditional cigarettes, combustible tobacco and tobacco intake through e-cigarettes.

Their findings suggest that tobacco intake from e-cigarettes can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases they test. These include COPT, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and “any lung disease.” Their study also showed that the risk of developing respiratory diseases was “significantly correlated” with previous use of e-cigarettes. They also showed similar risks of combustible smoking.

According to the study, “current use of e-cigarettes increases the risk of respiratory disease by 1.29 times.” “People who use e-cigarettes are currently 1.29 times more likely to develop respiratory diseases than those who have never used e-cigarettes,” he said.

Risk of respiratory disease:

Previous e-cigarette use: 1.31

Current e-cigarette use: 1.29

Previous smoking: 1.16

Current smoking: 2.56

Currently using both: 3.30

According to the study, “dual use is the most common way to use, with a higher risk than using any product alone.” The paper was published online December 16, 2019 in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The study, which is independent of a CDC study that shows the number of deaths from recent e-cigarette-related events in the United States.

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