Global App Downloads Rankings for the Last Decade: Facebook Tops the Charts

In addition to releasing the latest top-of-the-line app report for 2019, App Annie, the app store intelligence company, has released a review of apps from the past decade, focusing on the most popular app apps of the past decade,media reported. Not surprisingly, Facebook topped the charts, with Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram taking the top four most downloaded apps in a decade.

Meanwhile, Subway Surfers has become the most downloaded game in a decade thanks to its popularity in India.

To be clear, the analysis relies on data from iOS and Google Play to count the most popular apps. But it still provides a way to study trends in global app apps, even though data from China is not included.

Not only does Facebook operate the four most downloaded non-gaming apps in the past decade, but even the four apps, including the game app, are the most downloaded, a testament to Facebook’s monopoly. The four apps are Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Followed by Facebook, Snapchat, the fifth-highest-downloaded app in the 1910s, was a big reason Facebook was prepared to spend billions of dollars on the app in the early 100s.

Communications and social media apps are also among the most popular apps of the past decade, taking seven of the top 10 most downloaded apps in the decade, with Skype in sixth place and Twitter at 10th.

Global App Downloads Rankings for the Last Decade: Facebook Tops the Charts

In terms of consumer spending, video streaming and music apps are at the top of the list (except for games), such as Netflix (ranked No. 1), Pandora Music (third) and Tencent Video (fourth).

While dating app Tinder is the most profitable app of the year, Netflix is the most expensive app for consumers in the past decade.

Line came in fourth on the list, followed by iQIYI, Spotify, YouTube, HBO NOW and Kwai.

Global App Downloads Rankings for the Last Decade: Facebook Tops the Charts

Kiloo’s Subway Runner was the most surprising game in the 2010s when it came to downloads. Its number one ranking is largely due to the demand of Users in India, which downloads more than 15 per cent of all downloads of the game on iOS and Google Play.

No game publisher can dominate the leaderboard because of competition among the major gaming companies.

Following Subway Runner, the biggest downloads in a decade include Candy Crush Saga, “Candy Crush Saga”, “The Temple Escape 2” from Imangi, “The Talking Tom Cat” from Outfit7, and “The Tribal War” from Supercell. Pou from Zakeh, Mountaineering From Fingersoft, Minion Rus from Vivendi, Fruit Ninja from Halfbrick and 8 Balls from Miniclip.

In terms of consumer spending, the top-ranked players on the game’s list have almost completely changed their appearance. “Tribal Wars” and “Candy Crush Legends” are the only two games that appear in both the top two downloads and consumer spending charts. The top games on the consumer spending list are Supercell’s “Tribal War,” MiXi’s “Monster Marbles,” and then Candy Crush Legends.

Global App Downloads Rankings for the Last Decade: Facebook Tops the Charts

The rest of the list was followed by GungHo Online Entertainment’s “Game of Thrones,” Sony’s Fate/Grand Order, Tencent’s “King’s Glory,” Netease’s “Dream West Tour,” Niantic’s Pokemon Go and MZ’s “Fire time” and Supercell’s “Clash Royale.”

The most downloaded and profitable apps and games in a decade will also appear on the most popular app list at the end of each year, but some of them are growing in popularity and others are declining.

For example, Tribal Warfare, the most profitable game of the decade, came in at No. 8, not No. 1, on the 2019 List of Most Profitable Games. The HBO hit “Game of Thrones” had a big show in the 2010s, but it didn’t make the list this year because it was over. Although Facebook dominated the 1910s, there are now signs that consumers may be ready to try these new apps as the short-form video apps TikTok and Likee become the 4th and 7th most downloaded apps in 2019, respectively.

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