The Flash Bomb, inspired by “Little Ghosts” welcomes version 2.0: The man who steals other people’s doorsteps

As online orders continue to dominate the holiday gift-giving season, so-called door-snatchers – who steal couriers on someone else’s doorstep – are also starting to shuttle through the streets,media reported. A man named Mark Rober is fighting their evil forces. Last year, Rober introduced what he called the “Glitter Bomb”, an innovative tool used to punish thieves who want to steal packages home.

Given the success of a generation of flash bomb traps, it’s no surprise that it has received some funding and cross-promotion sponsorshipthis this year. And this cross-promotion comes from the inspiration for this trap series: Macaulay Culkin’s role in “The Little Devil.” It is reported that the film this year also because of the special performance on Disney Plus and received some extra attention.

It is reported that in the new generation of flash bomb traps, Rober and his team tested a biodegradable flash material, and the trap looks much brighter than the generation.

But while the flash material used in this “bomb” is not expensive, the four LG G5 smartphones used in the system will never be something most people are willing to invest in in retaliation for thieves. Perhaps there will be a simpler, lower-cost method, let’s wait and see!

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