Hulu announces filming of 16-year-old Swedish ‘green girl’ documentary

Teenager climate activist Greta Thunberg will star in the Hulu documentary, which is expected to air in 2020,media reported. A representative for Hulu revealed that the documentary, tentatively titled Greta, will be directed by Nathan Grossman, co-produced by Cecilia Nessen and Fredrik Heinig through B-Reel Films.

Hulu announces filming of 16-year-old Swedish 'green girl' documentary

The documentary’s story is believed to have started with a school break in Stockholm in August 2018 by a 16-year-old Swedish student who the teenager hopes to raise awareness of climate change. The activist called on world leaders to take action on climate change, and her actions inspired many people around the world to take part in a big climate strike.

Last week, Sandberg became Time magazine’s youngest person of the year. The magazine calls it the most persuasive voice on the most important issue facing the planet.

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