Score 3 points and penalty 500! Shenzhen to impose heavy penalties for “indecent manners”

From November 1, Shenzhen will formally implement the new “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Road Traffic Safety Penalties”, the new rules make a number of changes. Among them, additional penalties were made for “no courtesy pedestrians”. If the driver does not give courtesy to pedestrians as required, he will be given a 3 point and a penalty of 500 yuan.


Under the new Regulations on Penalties for Road Traffic Safety Violations in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, vehicles need to slow down as they cross the zebra crossing, regardless of whether there are pedestrians at both ends and on the roads. If there is no deceleration action, will be a 3 points penalty of 500 yuan.

In the absence of a signal-light section, whenever a pedestrian waits to cross the road via the zebra crossing, the driver must stop and wait, allowing pedestrians to pass first. Even if the pedestrian passes slowly and has not reached the front of the vehicle, the vehicle is not allowed to pass, otherwise the pedestrian is punished for impolitely.

In addition, if encountered courtesy of pedestrians do not walk the situation, can slow down through, if caught, you can apply for administrative review, revocation of the penalty.

On the courtesy of pedestrians, shenzhen car owners have expressed their views. Courtesy pedestrians would have had no problem, but there is always a deviation in the execution process. In terms of penalties, Shenzhen would have been more stringent than other cities. But the introduction of the new traffic regulations in the courtesy of pedestrians, too much consideration of pedestrian rights, and to a certain extent damaged the right of motor vehicles.

Such as in the rush hour, through the zebra crossing, gang courtesy let a group of pedestrians through, at this time came a person, and the road motor vehicles are not allowed to pass, will inevitably cause traffic jams. And some pedestrians simply disregard traffic laws and regulations, casually cross the road, do not care whether the vehicle is passing, but also insist on crossing the road, and motor vehicles have to stop courtesy, this practice is also easy to provoke pedestrians and vehicles between the contradictions.

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