Amsterdam to deploy electric fire engines next year

The Amsterdam Fire Department is testing a plug-in hybrid fire engine to make the air fresher in the city centre, according tomedia. The fire engine, produced by Austrian company Rosenbauer, is designed to use on-board electric transmission systems and a diesel generator if firefighters need extra electric vehicles. The car, called the Concept Fire Engine (CFT), was first proposed as a design study in 2016 to encourage fire departments around the world to think about the pros and cons of using electric vehicles.

Amsterdam to deploy electric fire engines next year

Recently, Rosenbauer worked with the ACT’s emergency services to develop a modified version for it, and with the Berlin Fire Department, to put a CFT-based truck into routine service.

Amsterdam will now become the second European capital to adopt such electric fire engines. The truck will be built on the original CFT, but will have a scalable range. It’s not clear exactly how far it can travel, but the original concept provided a 30-kilometer range, which Rosenbauer said was enough for a routine fire department operation.

Amsterdam to deploy electric fire engines next year

Although the powertrain is purely electric, if firefighters need to travel longer distances, they can use the diesel generator above as a range booster. The pumps of the fire extinguisher system are also battery-powered, and the same can be switched to a generator if longer operating hours are required. In addition, the car is equipped with Wi-Fi, which will allow firefighters to remotely control different functions, such as firefighting drones.

It is reported that from 2025 Amsterdam will ban the use of internal combustion engine trucks, public cars and taxis into the city, from 2025, all private ICE cars will also be banned from entering.

The two-year agreement with Rosenbauer is the first step towards electrification in Amsterdam’s fire department. The company will deliver its first test vehicle by the end of 2020.

“I look forward to this partnership,” said Tijs van Lieshout, head of the Amsterdam-Amstrand Fire Department. Only by testing equipment in difficult environments can we understand how they enable our objective assessment. Our professionals should be best equipped to perform their important responsibilities in the safest possible manner. “

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