EU expert: Tesla pickup sits first for cosmetic surgery if it wants to enter Europe

According tomedia reports, recently, the European authority testing agency expert Stefan Teller analysis, Tesla pickup Cybertruck can not get approval for the European Union model. If Cybertruck wants to sell in Europe, Tesla will have to modify Cybertruck’s basic architecture. The reason is that the Tesla pickup Cybertruck is designed to meet EU safety certification standards. And think tesla pickups just look safe, but it’s not.

EU expert: Tesla pickup sits first for cosmetic surgery if it wants to enter Europe

Experts say the U.S. and European Union have very different vehicle access mechanisms. The U.S. allows car companies to “self-certify”, and then the U.S. conducts spot checks on vehicles that are self-certified and qualified. The corresponding pass difficulty is also low, in general, the car companies want their vehicles to pass certification is not difficult.

In the EU market, however, the conditions for access to motor vehicles vary, and motor vehicles and their accessories must be certified by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE), and the new model permit system is completed with the participation of manufacturers, authorities and independent technical service companies. Corresponding difficulties have also increased, and the EU authorities will also make a number of standards and requirements for the safety, environmental protection, economy and other aspects of the model.

Experts said that motor vehicles entering the EU must comply with 50 to 60 regulations. The U.S. has lower safety requirements for pickup trucks and does not meet the eu’s use environment. The EU values passive safety and pedestrian protection of vehicles. But the Tesla pickup is very steep and can cause serious damage to pedestrians. As a result, Cybertruck must modify its head design if it wants to enter Europe.

In addition, the Tesla pickup also uses high-strength steel plates on the body, which can also threaten the lives of passengers in a crash. Experts say the use of high-strength steel plates is the most serious security architecture problem for Cybertuck pickups. Although the EU allows the production of bullet-proof vehicles, special permits are required. It is clear that Tesla’s mass-produced pickup stakes will not be licensed on a large scale.

Stefan Teller, an expert, says the current Tesla pickup Cybertruck simply cannot get a permit in the EU, and the only possibility is a licence for individual applications. But to sell Cybertruck in bulk, “Mr Musk has a tough job to do.”

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