For Study Autopilot: Porsche EngineerLow-Down Rental scan stakes Tesla Model 3

Porsche is a rising star in the electric car industry, and Porsche is full of interest in Tesla’s latest V10 software upgrades, especially Smart Call. It was recently revealed that the German giant also sent engineers to the United States to hire a Model 3 to test what more autopilot can withstand. From the results, it is clear that Porsche was impressed with the new software.

Las Vegas owner Jensen Gadley was hesitant to rent out his Model 3 as customers insisted on trying out the latest smart summoning features. The problem is that you’ll have to use Tesla’s APP to play this feature, which means Gadley either leaves his phone behind or writes down his Tesla account password, but neither path is feasible.

Eventually, Gadley decided to demonstrate Smart Calling in the parking lot, and the customers’ wishes were fulfilled.

When the car hirers arrived in the parking lot, Gadley was surprised to find that they had actually dingned the latest Porsche Taycan. Even more surprising, the various wires and test equipment in this Taycan car have not yet been removed (see chart below).

After a few conversations, they simply admitted that they were Porsche engineers, responsible for driver assistance. This rental car is designed to test the V10 upgrade of Autopilot.

Among those who rented the car was Manuel Layher, a driver assistance development engineer at Porsche.

Gadley revealed that Porsche engineers had been with them while testing the Smart Call feature, and that the fussy car-hire man had been in the parking lot after testing and was required to move to another car park.

According to Lei, the current smart call is an upgrade to Tesla’s previous “call” feature, the new version of the user can remotely call their car. In short, Smart Call can handle more complex parking environments.

For Study Autopilot: Porsche EngineerLow-Down Rental scan stakes Tesla Model 3

Porsche engineers are also on the trip to test how Tesla’s electric cars, equipped with smart summoning capabilities, will react to their surroundings.

Gadley also said the engineers even rushed out of the side of the road to see if the vehicle would stop in time, and the bizarre behavior caused a lot of onlookers.

After testing smart calls, the engineer drove Gadley’s Model 3 and tested other Autopilot features for another day, according to Lei. When they returned the vehicle, they also told Gadley V10 that the software boost was really great. Porsche engineer Layher even gave the Model 3 a five-star rating.

In fact, this isn’t the first time Porsche has used Tesla as a benchmark to improve its Taycan.

Last year, it was discovered that Porsche had tested several different Model Ss, and Taycan was in the same frame as those Model S.


That’s certainly good news for the auto industry. Obviously, everyone is aware of the importance of software, and there are surely more manufacturers to follow in Tesla’s footsteps in the future.

The software we’re talking about here includes not only Autopilot, but also user interfaces and performance-related software.

Although it looks like some chicken thieves (Porsche is too poor to buy a Model 3 directly?) at least they’re not like the previous Mercedes. The latter actually rented a Model X for reverse research and development, and then assembled the car into parts and re-assembled it back to the owner.

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