Make the game cooler Intel launches new AI game box

With the continuous development of AI technology, the application of AI-related can be said to be more and more. Recently, Intel officially launched a product called “AI Game Box”, which enhances the game’s interaction with AI’s in-depth learning and visual extensions, giving players a better sense of immersion and presence, and the gaming experience.

Make the game cooler Intel launches new AI game boxMake the game cooler Intel launches new AI game box

About Intel this new AI game box, which was developed by the Intel OpenVINO Toolkit. Intel OpenVINO was first introduced in May 2018 as a tool suite for high-performance computer vision and development, and this time the Launch of the AI Game Box is a combination and innovation for Intel in both AI and PC gaming.

Make the game cooler Intel launches new AI game box

At present, Intel’s AI game box has been on-line functions have motion control, sound and light linkage and one-touch overclockability of these three game aids, it can support “CS:GO”, “DOTA2”, “Jedi survival”, “Hero Alliance” these four mainstream games, as long as with the colorful KM06 backlit keyboard, Josper FR-730 / FR701 fan and universal camera series of hardware, players can experience the full aI game.

One of the game aids: motion control

Make the game cooler Intel launches new AI game box

Intel AI game chest action control function is through the camera to capture the player’s movements to achieve, it is a bit similar to the game peripherals often see the “key mapping” function, you can set a head action in advance to replace a key operation, such as CS:GO and chicken eating in FPS games, We can through the AI game treasure box to set a good change of bullets, open mirror corresponding to the head action, when we play the game, we can free hands, with the head to achieve the action of changing the bullet and opening the mirror, the operation efficiency of the game and the sense of presence greatly increased.

Game Accessibility II: Sound and Light Linkage

Make the game cooler Intel launches new AI game box

To enhance hardware interaction with players, the Intel AI Game Pack provides a link between sound and lighting effects, not only with specific chimes and lights when the game is logged in and out, but also when the player kills an enemy in the game or is in low blood. AI game chest will also automatically trigger pre-set sound effects and hardware lighting effects, the atmosphere of the game and human-machine interaction significantly improved.

Game Accessibility III: One-click overclocking

Make the game cooler Intel launches new AI game box

For, the biggest significance of hardware overclocking is that it can increase the number of game frames, but unreasonable overclocking scheme will bring computer instability and even hardware damage, very affect the game experience. In this regard, Intel’s AI game box brings the ability to one-click overclocking, which automatically selects the best overclocking scheme according to different games, and players can enjoy the high-performance hardware gaming experience with confidence overclocking.

Make the game cooler Intel launches new AI game box

Backed by AI technology, intel AI game packs have motion control, sound and light linkage, and one-click overclocking capabilities that really provide players with a better immersive gaming experience. If you’re an Intel processor user and interested in this software, you can go to the official website to download this Intel AI game kit for a taste.

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