Samsung appears to have given up developing its own cloud storage service to push Microsoft OneDrive

When the Galaxy Note 10 was released, Samsung announced a strong integration with Microsoft services, including Link to Windows, office productivity suite, and OneDrive cloud disk. Microsoft, then a partner, says OneDrive helps users set up backups, protect, share, and access photos and files stored in the cloud, anywhere. Soon after, OneDrive was integrated into the Samsung Gallery app, enabling photo and video sync and a new protection and cross-device experience.

三星似乎已放弃发展自家的云存储服务 力推微软OneDrive

Note 10 will officially welcome OneDrive integration this fall (image via MSPU)

However, there have been recent reports that Samsung plans to introduce more devices to Microsoft’s cloud services after its first OneDrive integrated product, the Galaxy Note 10, and that the company is moving user data from the Three Nebula to Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Korean media pointed out that some users have received the cloud data relocation notice, and has been confirmed by Samsung support department. Users can still access the native backup, but the storage options for the Three Nebula have disappeared.

The news is interesting because Samsung appears to have abandoned its native service for Microsoft solutions. If this policy were to be covered on all Samsung devices, it would be a huge boost for Microsoft’s OneDrive.

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