Jible classic digital version of collective video platform

The Gibli Studio, represented by Director Miyazaki, is undoubtedly one of the most important gems in the animation film industry, and its animation works are an indelible imprint on the childhoods of countless people. But For a long time, Gibley Studios fans have faced a problem, with nowhere to go to buy digital versions of their classics, but now the problem has finally been solved. On December 18th,media reported that almost all Gibli Studio movies could be purchased on major online video platforms abroad since then.

Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, Sony, Microsoft and FandangoNow in the U.S. and Canada all support Japanese and English, whereas in the past consumers were only able to buy physical versions.

As for the price, each movie costs $20 (about 140 yuan), and there are six classic movie sets (including Hal’s mobile castle, Wonder Woman’s Emergency, Thousand and Thousand Hunt, Ghost Princess, Dragon Cat, Goldfish on the Cliffs) for $100 (about 700 yuan).

Jible classic digital version of collective video platform

The digital version of the movie that can be purchased includes:

Sky City

Dragon Cat

Hal’s Mobile Castle

“From Yu Mei’s Slope”

The Cat’s Book

My Neighbor Yamada Jun

Valley of the Wind

Fairy Tales of The Years

“The Battle of the Pin-Cheng Beavers”

Goldfish on the Cliffs

Red Pig

Ghost Princess

“The Little Man who borrowed things, Alyetti”.

“A Thousand and a Thousand Finds”

“The Whispering Night”

The Battle of the Earth and the Sea

Marnie in Memory

Side ear listening

“It’s Winding Up”

“Wonder Woman’s House”

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