Google employee reveals fired reason: Sending internal pop-up slots related to labor rights

Google recently fired another employee, according tomedia reports, just the latest in a series of controversial dismissals at the search giant. Kathryn Spiers, a Google security engineer, told The Verge that she was fired last week after two years at Google. It is understood that part of her job at Google is responsible for sending web browser notifications within the company.

Google employee reveals fired reason: Sending internal pop-up slots related to labor rights

When Google employees browse the web, the information pops up on some of the websites they visit. Spiers, which is responsible for internal data security, deploys similar notifications to prevent employees from acting irresponsibly on data.

Last month, After Google hired a law firm known for its anti-union activities and fired four employees involved in internal rights activities, Spiers offered to create a new notice for the company’s employees. When they visit the firm’s website or Google’s internal employee guide, they pop up a new message through their browser: “Google employees have the right to participate in protected group activities.” The message included a link to google’s mandatory labor rights notice.

Spiers said she was suspended hours after she released the information and was told friday that she would be fired by the company. She said Google’s management argued that she had sent the information without proper approval and that it endangered the company’s security. Spiers said her sending was properly approved and she didn’t think it would pose any security concerns for the company.

In a blog post published today, Spiers noted that Google has never responded so positively to such a notification in the past.

A Google spokesman declined to confirm the news that Spiers had been fired, but said the company fired an employee last week who had abused a browser notice and that two others had been punished.

The spokesman said there was nothing wrong with the content of the message being sent and that management would take similar action if the tool was used to send any information unrelated to security. “We fired an employee who abused privileges to modify internal security tools, a serious violation. “

The latest dismissal is just another sign of Google’s escalating tensions. For years, Google employees have protested the company’s decisions, such as working with the Pentagon and handling sexual harassment allegations within the company.

Mr Spiers said Google’s stance on employee activism would have a devastating impact on the company as a whole. “The measures Google has taken have made Google less transparent, and therefore less trustworthy, ” she says. “

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