5G base station radiation, etc. selected in the 2019 top 10 “science” rumor sedation list

On December 17th, the Chinese Association of Science and Technology held a “Zanzan 2019 Science China” event in Beijing, which released a number of scientific and technological selection results, of which the most closely watched 2019 top 10 “science” gossip final list is also fresh. The top 10 scientific gossipes that make the list of scientific gossip endings are:

1. 5G base station radiation will have a great impact on the human body

Gossip: An Internet personality claims that 5G base stations are extremely dense because they are millimeter waves and vibrate at high frequencies, which may resonate with some of the oscillation frequencies of water and oxygen molecules. According to his own physical knowledge, 5G base station is very harmful to the human body.

What’s in the way:

First, radiation is a way of transmitting energy. The earth itself is a large magnetic field, natural lightning, sunspot activity, etc. will produce electromagnetic radiation, and along with the whole process of life generation and evolution. In daily life, radio stations, microwave ovens, induction cookers, computers, televisions and hair dryers are the source of electromagnetic waves, it can be said that electric field radiation has been an integral part of people’s lives. Secondly, mobile phones, base stations of electromagnetic radiation energy is small, can not make the DNA chain break, belong to non-ionizing radiation, and X-ray, nuclear radiation and other ionizing radiation is completely different, it is mainly thermal effects. Moreover, modern wireless communication technology has adopted the power intelligent control technology up and down, so the more communication base stations, the better the mobile phone call effect, and mobile phones and base stations will be less electromagnetic radiation. Finally, according to the national standard requirements, the electromagnetic radiation of communication base stations needs less than 40 microwatts / cm2. In the actual implementation, operators take into account the overlay of different wireless communication signals, the construction will be controlled within 8 microwatts / square centimeters.

2. China’s high-speed rail radiation is serious, “sitting high-speed rail – X-ray”

Gossip content: domestic high-speed rail from the birth of there is a serious radiation problem, sitting high-speed rail is equivalent to X-ray, the greatest harm to human beings is to destroy the female reproductive system.

What’s in the way:

China’s high-speed railway running trains, the use of electricity is generally 25,000 volts, 50 Hz AC. Electromagnetic radiation from high-voltage power equipment is “very low frequency electromagnetic radiation”. The energy is small and does not break the DNA chain, which is non-ionizing radiation, which is completely different from the ionizing radiation of X-rays in hospitals. So the claim that “sitting on high-speed rail is X-rayed” is purely misleading. Where there is electricity there is radiation, ordinary trains, subways have radiation, mobile phones, razors have radiation, the sun also has radiation. As long as radiation is within a safe value, it will not affect people. The International Commission for the Protection of Non-Ionizing Radiation semandates has set a safety standard of less than 100 microteslas (magnetic induction strength units) for magnetic field radiation produced by high-speed rail and below 5 kV/m for electric field radiation. Beijing Railway Bureau professionals have specialized in high-speed rail carriage steam in the electric field radiation measurement and public measurement data, different models of first-class carriages, second-class carriages, compartment connections, cabs and other positions, the electric field radiation value is distributed in the range of 0.011-0.021 kV / meter. Compared with these data is not difficult to find that China’s high-speed rail electromagnetic radiation level is far below international standards, there is no way to cause harm to the human body.

3. Long-term death from taking antihypertensive drugs

Gossip: More than half of patients with high blood pressure die from kidney failure and heart failure, which is related to long-term use of antihypertensive drugs. Western medicine will make patients have a strong drug slack, the drug “toxicity” will destroy the heart, brain, kidney, but also will bring dizziness, nausea, panic, asthma, edema and other side effects.

What’s in the way:

Hypertension is a common disease, if not effective treatment for a long time, will lead to the body’s target organs damage or failure, such as heart failure, kidney failure, heart infarction, cerebral infarction, etc. , resulting in the death of patients. The purpose of taking antihypertensive drugs is to avoid damage to the target organs, so it does not cause death in the patient. Secondly, due to the individual differences in patients, there are a small number of antihypertensive drugs do cause a small number of people physical discomfort, such as dizziness, nausea, local edema, etc. , but through the adjustment of the drug, can basically solve the above-mentioned side effects. In addition, scientifically proven, antihypertensive drugs are largely non-addictive and do not cause patients to develop strong drug dependence.

4. E-cigarettes are non-toxic and harmless and are a weapon to quit smoking

Gossip content: e-cigarettes can replace traditional cigarettes, its products “health pollution-free”, with “no second-hand smoke” “eliminate tar and other carcinogens” “help quit smoking” and other effects, worthy of promotion.

What’s in the way:

Although e-cigarettes contain no tar and are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, they contain nicotine that is harmful to health. In addition, the main ingredient sinatted by tobacco addiction is nicotine, e-cigarettes are also addictive, some e-cigarettes nicotine content even higher than traditional cigarettes, so smoking e-cigarettes does not help smokers effectively quit smoking.

5. Hunger can “starve” tumors and delay aging

Gossip content: there are rumors that human cells in the hungry, can eat their own body useless or harmful substances to provide their own survival needs of energy, so vegetarian or less eating can activate “cell autophagy”, play a role in delaying aging, longing life and so on.

What’s in the way:

This approach is undesirable by eating less and eating less to reduce the risk of cancer. The study found that malnourished people have a higher incidence of cancer, tumor patients are significantly more likely to develop malnutrition than other benign diseases, if tumor patients suffer from co-nutrition, will lead to a further decline in immunity, not conducive to the treatment and rehabilitation of the disease. In addition, “cell hunger” does not equal our daily understanding of hunger, eating, valley is not equal to autophagy in medical research, the current stage of autophagy research from clinical applicationist is still quite far away, autophagy and anti-tumor, aging relationship is not clear. Light eating, ketogenic diet, gluten-free diet these popular diet concepts, originally medically targeted for specific groups of people (obesity, pediatric epilepsy, explicit gluten allergy, etc.), before and after implementation need medical professionals to evaluate and monitor to ensure patient safety.

6. Pregnant women are not vaccinated against influenza

Gossip content: pregnant women vaccinated against influenza, will make pregnant women infected with influenza virus, aggravate the pregnancy response, but also affect fetal health, and even lead to fetal malformation.

What’s in the way:

In winter and spring, influenza is high, some inflated and infirm people are particularly vulnerable to influenza virus, and the flu vaccine is an effective way to resist and prevent influenza. Compared with the general population, pregnant women are slightly less resistant and more vulnerable to influenza virus. Numerous studies have shown that during an influenza pandemic, the risk of hospitalization, admission to the ICU and death of pregnant women due to influenza infection has increased significantly. Studies have also shown that influenza in pregnant women can have an impact on fetuses and newborns, stillbirth, premature birth and low birth weight, so pregnant women are necessary to get the flu vaccine, and pregnant women can get the flu vaccine at any stage of pregnancy.

However, pregnant women should be aware of vaccination, vaccination is possible, but should be prohibited from inactivated vaccine. Non-inactivated vaccines are live or detoxifying live vaccines made from artificially directed mutations, or from nature, by either reduced or largely non-toxic live microorganisms, which have the potential to infect the fetus. In addition, it should be noted that people who are allergic to eggs or any component of the vaccine should not be vaccinated against influenza, mild acute illness with or without fever symptoms is recommended after the symptoms subside, and pregnant women who have had Guillain-Barre syndrome should consult a doctor before deciding whether to vaccinate.

7. Depression is either a disease or too sentimental

Gossip: According to media reports, a 20-year-old girl suffering from depression, tweeted: “I had a long illness, this is the last suicide.” Many people think that depression is too sentimental, is a moment to open, or is due to the will is not strong enough caused.

What’s in the way:

Depression is a common mental illness in today’s society, characterized by persistent depression, difficulty in concentration, memory loss and insomnia, which can lead to suicide. Depression can affect patients to varying degrees in their studies, work, life and social interaction. The patient himself cannot control pain through willpower. Therefore, we should not blame or question the people with depression, we should do more to spread depression and its treatment methods, correctly look at depression, care about the community of depression patients.

8. Unhealthy low-salt diet

Gossip content: stomach acid is produced from salt as raw material, salt can promote digestion, low salt will cause digestive problems. At the same time, a low-salt diet can lead to gluten allergies. In addition, some people abroad due to low-salt diet, in extreme heat in the heat stroke died.

What’s in the way:

The main component of stomach acid is hydrochloric acid, the main component of salt is sodium chloride, not only an important condiment, but also an indispensable substance to maintain the normal metabolism of the human body. It regulates the balanced distribution of water in the body, maintains the balance of acidity in the body and the normal circulation of body fluids, and also participates in the formation of stomach acid, which promotes the secretion of digestive fluids. The body can not be without salt, but a small amount of salt can meet the needs of the body, and life’s “invisible salt” everywhere, such as milk, meat, biscuits, bread, hanging noodles and other sodium content is not low. So even lighter-tasting people are more likely to eat too much sodium, even if they don’t eat salt but other foods containing chlorine can produce stomach acid. General adults eat 3 grams of salt a day to maintain basic physiological needs, excessive intake of salt can cause many health problems, such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis and even stomach cancer and other diseases. At present, the recommended daily salt intake of adults is about 5 to 6 grams, and the actual study shows that the daily salt intake of adults in China reached 9 to 10 grams, far exceeding the health standards, so salt control, salt reduction is the right thing to do. In addition, a large amount of salt is required only under certain circumstances, such as sweating in large quantities due to hot or intense exercise, resulting in a large loss of salt in the body. Today, most of our residents exercise less daily, blowing air conditioning in summer to keep cool, resulting in less sweating, so the vast majority of people do not need a large amount of salt. A low-salt diet has no effect on gluten allergies, which are induced by grain protein.

9. Nearsightedness can cure

Gossip content: as long as the right method, myopia can be cured within a certain period of time. Such as acupuncture treatment of myopia effect is very good, myopia in the number of eight baidu, under the age of 60 years of myopia patients, can be cured, and the cure rate can reach 90 percent, one to three months vision can be restored to normal vision 1.0 or more, not relapse. The principle is to restore the self-regulating function of vision by stimulating the associated nerves. Generally speaking, the cure rate needs to be determined according to the specific situation of the patient, the younger the age, the shorter the course of the disease, the more significant the effect.

What’s in the way:

The human eye is called myopia in a relaxed state where parallel light is focused on the retina after the eye refractive system. In addition to “false myopia” due to lash muscle spasms, myopia is irreversible and can even lead to blindness. There is no safe and effective way to recover it. In other words, myopia can only be “corrected” and not “cured”. At present, the treatment of myopia mainly has local drugs, optical glasses, corneal-shaped mirror, surgical treatment, the basic principle is to change the path of light refraction or delay the growth of the eye axis, control the progress of myopia, but can not reverse the nearsighted eye structure changes that have occurred. Therefore, the only thing that can be done after myopia is to delay the rate at which degrees are deepened. On March 26, 2019, the National Health and Health Commission and six other departments jointly issued the Notice on further standardizing the supervision of myopia Correction of Children and Adolescents, making it clear that “rehabilitation” and “short-sighted cure” and other misleading statements should not be used in the external publicity of myopia correction.

10. Liquefied gas cylinder sidonted must be extinguished before the valve is closed

Gossip content: a fire training video about whether the gas fire after the fire or the first valve, on the Internet “fire” up. “Industry insiders” training video claims that the liquefied gas cylinder fire first extinguished and then closed the valve.

What’s in the way:

The idea that closing the valve before a gas bottle catches fire can cause the gas bottle to explode lacks fire knowledge. First, it is not possible to generate negative pressure from the closing valve. Gas bottles filled with the general liquefied petroleum gas, household liquefied gas cylinder normal use, its pressure is much higher than atmospheric pressure, valve off, the pressure in the bottle will not reduce the formation of “backfire.” Secondly, after the valve of the liquefied gas cylinder is closed, in some cases, the flame will burn back along the hose, burn to the closed valve, the combustible in the tube is burned, the combustion is stopped, the fire can not bring the fire to the gas bottle. However, it should be noted that if the liquefied gas cylinder is burned horizontally, the cylinder is easily heated by flame, after reaching a certain temperature, the liquefied gas in the bottle is hotly expanded, the bottle body is prone to physical explosion. Therefore, gas bottles are strictly prohibited.

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