From logistics to cloud computing Amazon remains tough on competition

Beijing time on December 18 morning news, enter the Website of in the browser, and then click, you know where it will point? Amazon. Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has a company named “Short.” For years, Bezos has championed the “Relentless” strategy of turning online bookstores into e-commerce giants and cloud computing leaders. Looking back at Amazon history, it has always relentlessly trampled on rivals and kept a tough stance.

From logistics to cloud computing Amazon remains tough on competition

On Sunday, for example, Amazon notified third-party vendors that it would not use The Federal Ex Ground service for future shipments to Pirme members. FedEx’s shares fell nearly 2 percent on Monday, before rebounding and closing down about 1 percent.

A FedEx spokesman said: “Amazon’s decision will only affect a small number of shipowners, but when peak shipments arrive, small businesses’ choices will be limited, their customers may not be fully met, and their business management capabilities will be weakened.” “

Amazon has been consolidating its own distribution network and reducing its reliance on third parties such as FedEx, UPS, and the U.S. Postal Service. Bloomberg reported that Amazon abandoned federal land transportation mainly because its service quality was not up to Amazon’s standards. This shows Amazon’s cruelty.

Also, Amazon launched its FireTV device, and this month it abruptly abandoned Dataxu, an advertising technology company owned by Roku, which was once amazon’s third-party ad seller. As soon as Roku announced the completion of its acquisition of Dataxu, Amazon hit the post. Amazon and Roku are competitors in the streaming TV device market, and the battle is getting fiercer. It could also prove Amazon’s cruelty.

A few days ago, the New York Times published an article about AWS services. AWS gets features and tools from the open source software community that can make lucrative AWS products more powerful, but smaller startups will suffer, the report said.

For Bezos, Amazon is always in the “Day One” state. Under the guidance of the “Off” strategy, Amazon will become bigger and bigger.

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