Apple hints it won’t release new iPad Pro this year: it’ll come with triple-cam

The previously rumored new iPad Pro may not be updated by Apple this year. After Apple’s earnings report today, Luca Maestri, the company’s chief financial officer, hinted that the iPad Pro would be released differently than in the same period last year, with Apple’s holiday season from late September to the end of December.

If you read this carefully, it’s basically understandable that the new iPad Pro won’t be updated in 2019. Even if it is not released now, but foreign media reported that Apple has already done the corresponding finished products.

Previously, foreign media have been pre-trial son-in-hand with the new iPad Pro model, which is designed to be basically the same as the current iPad Pro, except for a three-lens camera.

苹果暗示今年不发新版iPad Pro:会配浴霸三摄

The camera behind the iPhone 11 is designed to be the same, the familiar square camera bump, can accommodate three lenses, not surprisingly, should be the ultra-wide angle, wide angle and telephoto three cameras. But the three-lens distribution on the model is closer to the iPhone 11 model, which circulated online earlier this year, and the three-lens flash of the iPhone 11 Pro isn’t actually distributed according to the four-corner rule.

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