YouTube Music launches Spotify-like personalized playlist

YouTube Music has launched its first personalized playlist to all subscribers, including Discover Mix, which competes with Spotify’s Discover Yeon,media outlet The Verge reported. Some users discovered in September that YouTube was testing Discover Mix and New Release Mix, but now they’re available to everyone along with the third personalized playlist, “Your Mix.”

YouTube Music launches Spotify-like personalized playlist

Discover Mix aims to introduce users to new singers they’ve never heard of, or to provide users with tracks that are little known to singers. Spotify’s Discover Weekly is updated on Monday with 30 songs, while YouTube’s Discover Mix has 50 songs and will be updated every Wednesday.

New Release Mix will store the latest albums of the user’s favorite singers, as well as a selection of tracks that YouTube Music thinks users might like. It’s a bit like Spotify’s Release Radar playlist. But unlike The Release Radar Update every Friday, New Release Mix will continue to refresh as artists launch new music.

Finally, Your Mix is a more versatile comprehensive playlist when users just want to listen to their favorite music. It provides new options in real time to supplement a list of songs and artists that users already know, and makes minor changes to update them. YouTube Music says that if users aren’t familiar with the service, they can start distributing personalized choices “after you’ve selected a few favorite singers during the setup process and even listened to only a few songs.”

Google has been actively promoting YouTube Music, bundling it on Android devices running Android 10 instead of Google Play Music. Added support for Siri as well as full desktop web app support, as well as Premium subscription pop-ups. The company suggested that the three playlists were just the beginning of personalization in its stores, and said people should “continue to focus on more music tailored to you.”

All three playlists can be found in the “Mixed for You” section of YouTube Music, as well as on the web player and on iOS or Android apps.

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