Putin’s “computer secret” exposed, still using Windows XP system

Recently, an office photo of Russian President Vladimir Putin was exposed, from which it can be seen that Putin’s office computer is still using the Windows XP system, this detail caused controversy. A news photo released by the Kremlin shows that Windows XP is still installed on the desktop of Putin’s office, the Moscow Times newspaper reported Wednesday.

(Original title: Putin’s “computer secret” exposure is still using Windows XP)

Photo: Moscow Times

Reported that Microsoft in April 2014 officially stopped the Windows XP and Office 2003 and other technical support, focusing on the updated operating system, and reminded users that if they continue to use the Windows XP system “will be more vulnerable to virus attacks.”

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not publicly explain to the media why the Kremlin had not updated the operating system of Putin’s computer. Media speculated that the Russian government’s restrictions on the use of foreign software by officials may have been the reason Mr Putin’s computer did not update the system. It is not clear how much of a cyber security threat Mr Putin’s computer uses windows XP to the Kremlin.

Windows XP, certified by the Russian Technology and Export Control Agency, is the last Microsoft operating system used by Russian government agencies, and Windows 10 is approved for computers that do not contain state secrets, according to export control documents from the Russian Defense Ministry.

On December 2nd Mr Putin signed a law banning the sale of smartphones, computers and so on that do not have software pre-installed with Russian government regulations. Putin also signed a law that the same day, website operators must store Russian user data on the data processor in Russia, violation of this provision, refused to localize legal persons or individuals face a fine, the law will take effect from July 1, 2020.

Russia plans to let all government agencies and “strategic” companies use domestic operating systems to replace Microsoft and Apple’s software by 2025-2030, the report said.

In addition to computers, Mr Putin’s mobile phone is also the focus of attention. Several Russian media have previously exposed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “secret sphone”, saying that Putin has a special mobile phone, which is thicker than a regular smartphone, with several levels of protection, including anti-signal theft and eavesdropping settings.

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