Twitter CEO ‘disconnects’ with Zuckerberg: Related to a lamb meal?

As it turns out, tech giants may be as careful as our general public. On Tuesday, local time, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “struggled” to remove his attention from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for fear of being known to the outside world. According to Mashable, Dorsey first followed the @BigTechAlert on his Twitter account.

Twitter CEO 'disconnects' with Zuckerberg: Related to a lamb meal?

Twitter CEO Dorsey ‘disconnects’ with Facebook CEO Zuckerberg

@BigTechAlert follow the tech giant’s CEO and other executives on Twitter. @BigTechAlert immediately alerted fans that Dorsey was following the account.

Twitter CEO 'disconnects' with Zuckerberg: Related to a lamb meal?

Dorsey, @BigTechAlert ‘Broadcast’, cancels focus on Zuckerberg news

However, it is not this reminder that catches the user’s eye. One minute after @BigTechAlert, Dorsey removed his following of Zuckerberg on Twitter, @BigTechAlert “broadcast” Dorsey’s move to his fans.

In response to Mashable’s query, a Twitter spokesman responded only to a goat emoji.

This may be related to a disclosure by Dorsey in January. Dorsey revealed at the time that at a dinner at Zuckerberg’s home, the owner treated him with goat meat, and that the goat was personally slaughtered by Zuckerberg.

Mr. Dorsey said Mr. Zuckerberg kept a small number of goats at his home in Palo Alto.

Dorsey and Zuckerberg have publicly called the board more than once this year.

More recently, Dorsey has publicly criticized Zuckerberg’s attitude to political advertising.

Facebook has been widely controversial in American society by refusing to verify political ads on its platform under the pretext of free speech.

Facebook has been criticised for not doing enough to stop foreign users from posting false information on its platform.

In response to Facebook’s policy, Twitter has adopted a very different strategy: a complete call-out on political advertising.

While Dorsey and Zuckerberg’s recent disputes seem to have nothing to do with philosophy, it is more likely that their careful eyes are on the cards, suggesting a growing divide between them.

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