Shanghai installed nearly 12,000 5G base stations have achieved 5G outdoor coverage in the core urban area

Today, the three major domestic telecommunications operators jointly announced the opening of 5G commercial, and officially released 5G service package. Shanghai was also one of the first cities for the three operators to launch 5G services. According to a news release from Shanghai, at today’s Shanghai 5G commercial launch ceremony, the Shanghai Municipal Communications Authority said that as of mid-October, Shanghai had opened a total of 11,859 5G base stations, which has achieved 5G outdoor coverage in the core urban area, including the central urban area and Hongqiao Business District, The New Area of the FTZ and other important areas, And strive to complete the main urban area within the outer ring line within the year.

We see that the 5G tariffs of the three operators converge: Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Telecom and Shanghai Unicom have all introduced 5G packages ranging from 128-599 yuan, including 30GB-300GB of domestic traffic and different call durations and other user rights.

上海开通近1.2万个5G基站 已实现核心城区5G室外覆盖

In terms of network building coverage of user concerns, Shanghai Mobile took the lead in dialling the world’s first mobile phone call based on no card change, based on 5G network, at Hongkou Football Stadium in the “Global Double Gigabit First Zone”. At the same time, on the eve of the National Day, the world’s first comprehensive 5G application display and joint platform wonderful debut on the North Bund Riverside. At present, Shanghai Mobile has also completed the construction of two 5G boutique routes to achieve the new International Expo Center, the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), the North Bund and other core landmarks of high-quality 5G network coverage.

Shanghai Telecom has introduced a number of preferential policies for 5G users. For example, booking users before December 25 for 5G package, net age of more than 3 years can enjoy 6 months of 70% discount, net age of 3 years or less (including new users), can enjoy 6 months of 20% discount. In addition, Shanghai Telecom also launched a 5G purchase machine plan, users in the business hall to buy designated terminals and for 5G enjoy package, you can enjoy the main package tariff of 70% discount. At present, there are dozens of 5G terminals available for users, including Huawei, vivo, Xiaomi, ZTE and Samsung.

China Unicom has also launched a similar preferential policy, previously participated in 5G package reservation users, can directly enjoy 6 consecutive months of package monthly fee discount, net age of 3 years and above can enjoy a 70% discount.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to achieve the double upgrade of business and services, China Unicom also provides 5G package users with 5-star exclusive services including business priority processing, end-to-end network experience upgrading and integrated cross-domain services, 5G package ordering, replacement card, stop/reset, transfer, sales and other services can be achieved off-site processing, off-site payment, off-site payment, Off-site inquiries and other services can also be enough to solve the problem at home.

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