See how slime bacteria keep growing on Santa’s beard

According tomedia reports, most people will hang up lanterns and decorate the Christmas tree to celebrate the arrival of Christmas. But a technician at the University of Warwick in the UK took a very different approach – putting slime on Santa’s beard. Slime bacteria is a strange thing. They are single-celled organisms that grow in dark places in the wild, but are used in the laboratory for cancer research.

See how slime bacteria keep growing on Santa's beard

Slime enthusiast Ian Hands-Onman has shared a video of the process of slime growing on Santa’s beard. Fortunately, the experiment used fake Santas instead of humans. The video shows yellow mucus mold spreading across Santa’s face. It is reported that the block on Santa’s beard is the slime food: oats.

Hands-Portman calls slime bacteria a weird and surprising creature in the scientific world.

In the lab, the researchers found that slime bacteria, which feed on bacteria and fungi, preferred oats and peppers, but they did not like chocolate.

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