Reuters: FB invests heavily in media-manipulation-related courses for journalists

Facebook is spending six figures to provide news workers with a course on media manipulation and Deepfakes,media agency Axios reported. The course is understood to have been developed by Reuters and is being expanded as a Facebook Journalism Project project to include journalists worldwide.

Reuters: FB invests heavily in media-manipulation-related courses for journalists

It is understood that the free online course, called “Identifying and Global Manipulated Media”, is designed to help journalists around the world learn how to identify photos or videos that have been modified to present inaccurate information.

Much of the course is not specifically aimed at Deepfake, but rather is about manipulating media content that distorts the facts. Hazel Baker, head of user-generated content news collection for Reuters, which created the course, says the goal is to help news editors understand what content they should look for.

“Ninety percent of the manipulative media we see on the web is captured from real video, but in a different way,” said He, who leads a 13-person team at Reuters who specializes in visual media. Although sometimes these manipulation videos are edited, this is often not the case. I think this is a very important starting point. “

April Jess, Reuters’ director of strategic partnerships and project management, said it was particularly important for Reuters to take action on the issue because it is the world’s largest provider of multimedia news.

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