Hugging Face receives $15 million in in-depth research into natural language processing technology

Media reported that Hugging Face had received $15 million in financing from Lux Capital. In addition to Lux Capital, A.Capital, Betaworks, Richard Socher, Greg Brockman and Kevin Durant are also involved in today’s financing. The start-up hopes to create a mobile app that lets bored teen users chat with artificial BFF bots. The company recently released an open source library for natural language processing (NLP) with great success.

Hugging Face receives $15 million in in-depth research into natural language processing technology

(Pictured: Hugging Face)

Hugging Face is understood to have launched the original chatbot app in early 2017. After months of hard work, the start-up hopes to prove that chatbots don’t need to provide users with a beautiful command-line interface.

Users can generate and communicate with a digital partner in the app. In addition to understanding the literal meaning, Hugging Face wants to detect the emotions involved and adjust the intensity of the conversation.

The technical principles behind the chatbot have proved to be quite reliable. Brandon Reeves writes that the company has made great strides in computer vision and image processing, but has fallen behind in natural language processing.

Hugging Face’s open source Transformers framework has been downloaded more than a million times, and the GitHub project has accumulated 19,000 stars, proving that the open source community is well recognized.

In addition to individual researchers, tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook are also interested. Some companies have even put it into production, such as Monzo Bank’s customer service robots and Microsoft Bing Search.

You can use Transformerford for text classification, information extraction, summary, text generation, and conversational artificial intelligence. With today’s funding, Hugging Face plans to triple its new and Paris workforce.

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