Google fixes data loss bug in Android Chrome browser

Google today released a 79.0.3945.93 Chrome browser update for Android users, fixing a number of issues that are troubling users. Earlier this week, many Android users with Chrome 79 were reported to have encountered some strange problems, including data loss. Google’s investigation found that the problem may be related to a bug in the WebView component.

Google fixes data loss bug in Android Chrome browser

(From: Google Play, via Softdia)

Given that the component is used by many Android applications, it is inevitable that people will be concerned. But Google clarified that the data was not lost, but was hidden, and that chrome could be seen again after upgrading to the latest version.

Write in the release notes — Fixes a problem in WebView, or causes some users’ application data to be invisible in these apps.

However, app data is not actually lost and can be redisplayed after an update, see for details.

In addition to fixing bugs, Android-oriented Chrome 79 introduces a new security feature that provides an enhanced security experience by warning users about whether they have previously exposed passwords as a result of data breaches when trying to log on to a website.

In addition, Android Chrome 79 supports web VR, as well as reordering it by dragging, or clicking on the bookmark’s tab menu, and selecting ‘Move Up/Down’.

If you’ve had an unfortunate data loss problem before, download the Chrome 79 update on Android from the Play Store as soon as possible. Finally, the company today launched Chrome 79.0.3945.88 for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

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