Analyst: Tesla Reno Super plant produced 35 GWh batteries last year

Electric car maker Tesla began building a superfactory for batteries outside Reno, Nevada, in 2014, analysts said, adding that the yet-to-be-built superfactory produced 35 GWh of power batteries last year.

Analyst: Tesla Reno Super plant produced 35 GWh batteries last year

The Tesla Reno superplant, which produced 35GWh power batteries last year, was reported by Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy, whose team visited the plant last week and released the report this week.

In the report, Dan Levy writes that Tesla consumed 44 GWh of power batteries last year, 35 GWh from a superfactory in Nevada and 9 GWh from battery partner Panasonic.

In addition, Dan Levy notes in his report that Tesla, the super-plant that is already in operation, is still only a third fully operational and is now running more smoothly than last year, but with room for improvement.

According to information posted on Tesla’s official website, Reno’s superfactory, built specifically for batteries needed to make electric vehicles, has started production of model 3 powersystems and batteries, as well as energy storage products such as energy storage walls.

Tesla also disclosed on its official website that the plant is now only about 30 percent complete, with more than 1.9 million square feet (176,500 square meters) and nearly 5.3 million square feet of internal multi-storey space, all expected to become the world’s largest building and will use all of its clean energy.

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