“the King’s Man” Reveals New Drama Photos of Russian Demon Monk’s Face

Recently, the much-watched “the King’s Man” released a new film, with Reese Evans’s image of an anti-Russian demon. Reese Witherspoon, dressed in a priest’s costume, knelt in front of two members of the Russian royal family to treat his young crown prince.

《王牌特工:源起》曝新剧照 俄国妖僧蓬头垢面

In the sequel to “the King’s Man“, the First World War, which brought great pain to the British, became the setting for the story, and a large number of war scenes restored the devastation of human history. “No one is making a movie like this anymore, big, epic, interesting, soulful, with the right story to tell,” director Matthew Vaughn said in an interview. In a strange way, this is going to be the oldest part of my movie. “

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