Google Chrome v79.0.3945.88 Official Release

Google Chrome Stable release of v79 The detailed version number is v79.0.3945.88, the previous official version v79.0.3945.79 was released on December 11, seven days after Google released a new version of Chrome browser, this upgrade is mainly updated security fixes and stability improvements and user experience.

Google Chrome v79.0.3945.88 Official Release

Google Chrome v79 official version of the main update, password checking tools built-in support, through the secure browsing API real-time blacklisting of malicious websites, preventing the regular availability of phishing, prohibitthe loading of HTTPS “mixed content”, support tab freeze, Chrome Sync profile section of the new interface, and support for the back cache mechanism.

The main update of the official version of Google Chrome v78 brings a number of features and improvements that are enabled by default on Windows 10 (version 1511 plus) systems. A built-in password checker has also been introduced to alert users if they notice an exception while they’re signed in, to allow users to add wallpapers to new tabs, and to install topics from the Chrome Web Store.

The main update of the official version of Google Chrome v77, which has been significantly visually tuned, introduces global media controls and new color matching themes, new Favicon loading animations, security improvements to protect users, and a new welcome experience that attempts to make the entire startup process more effective.

Official update log

Chrome Stable s /Ave. has been updated to v79.0.3945.88 Security Fixes and Rewards Updates include 1 security fix

($N/A) High CVE-2019-13767: Use after free in media picker. Report by Sergei Glazunov of Google Project Zero 2019-12-06

Google Chrome Stable Offline Installation Pack Official local download address:

Google Chrome v79.0.3945.88 No Update 64-bit SHA1:1BE592DFA427046405E3FBCF930381BB17CE5CBC SHA256:CA2A6CE666E7330FFBB22E63592DDDDD907CBAA 2472855FF50679F8B489479314 .3945.88_chrome_installer.exe exe

Google Chrome v79.0.3945.88 No Update feature32SHA1:8A70FACBFD1AE07829D9818FE78855745BEECF6 SHA256:3B1C54EC1943F7B962B6B6B9B2499F9B9B2499D 6134ABFCCA34C2F350F3A45BDB6CC6 .3945.88_chrome_installer.exe exe

Google Chrome v79.0.3945.88 Mac VERSION SHA1:82722A30D84F04262976AC3F6D92344776EA38BF SHA256:6D22F6CD293333D3D4BEC9E1E067799444446388D22222 6A078FC486D75A3F342 Google/Chrome-7Chrome-7.0.3 945.88.dmg mg Chrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg Chrome-79.0.3945.88.dmg

Google Chrome Official With Update feature s:

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