Palm Smart Phone Goes On Sale Tomorrow: 3.3-inch Screen/Credit Card Size 1999

Double Eleven is coming, Palm ushered in the first sale. October 31 news, Palm smart small phone will be officially launched on November 1, the price of 1999 yuan, now pay a deposit of 1 yuan can be 51 yuan. The highlight of the Palm Smart Phone is the “small”, which is about the size of a credit card and can be easily put in the smallest pocket, purse or hanging around its neck, with a 62g weight barely felt.


Palm Smart Phone

Palm智能小手机明天发售:3.3英寸屏/信用卡大小 1999元

Officials say Palm’s smart phones are designed to help people get rid of the “bond” of their phones and allow them to focus on their lives and stay connected and undisturbed.

Core configuration, Palm uses a 3.3-inch display (Corning Gorilla Glass, 445PPI), a Qualcomm Dragon 435 processor, 3GB of memory plus 32GB of storage, front-end 8 million plus rear 12 million, battery capacity of 800mAh, running Android 8.1 system, Supports IP68 level dust and water resistance.

In addition, when Palm turns on Life Mode, you’ll only receive notifications from apps or apps you choose to follow when the screen lights up, and don’t miss important notifications.

In the era of full screen, Palm is a “clear stream” in mobile phones, would you consider buying?

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