Is this Xiaomi MIX 4 real ? Hidden dual camera under screen, define true full screen again

Will there be Xiaomi MIX 4 this year? This seems to be a question worth thinking about. Considering the identity of the MIX Alpha concept machine, Xiaomi if you can launch a still true comprehensive screen but more reasonable price, configuration of the top-of-the-line MIX non-concept machine, I’m afraid it will not be rice flour waiting.

这是小米MIX 4真机?屏下隐藏式双摄、再次定义真全面屏

This week, the new spy photo, known as Xiaomi MIX 4, was exposed by Slashleaks, but it is still a true comprehensive screen design, but not with the help of dual-screen, slide cover, pop-up structure, etc. , but the camera under the screen, the picture shows two.

If it wasn’t for malicious PS, then such a Xiaomi MIX4 is certainly worth looking forward to. From the photos, the screen size of the whole machine is not small, may be between 6.3 to 6.7 inches.

However, the industry has repeatedly stressed that the camera is not even even more mature than the folding screen, Xiaomi MIX4 will be, as the news put it, in mid-November with the Note10 Pro release?

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