Uber expands Uber Works to help drivers find other temporary jobs

At a time when governments around the world are pressuring Uber to provide employment benefits to its army of “zero-hours” drivers, Uber has adopted a different strategy: applying its zero-work economy model to all jobs. Uber will announce today that it will expand its Uber Works service, the report said. Uber has been testing the service in Chicago for more than a year. The purpose of this service is to pair workers with businesses that need temporary staff to fill vacancies.

After Chicago, Miami will be the second city to launch an Uber Works service, the report said. Next year, Uber also plans to launch the service in more cities.

Uber expands Uber Works to help drivers find other temporary jobs

Andrey Liscovich, CEO of Uber Works, said the program is aimed primarily at employees of traditional human resources organizations, but Uber plans to take the lead in hiring workers from its large ranks of drivers in the coming months.

That would allow anyone in the city where Uber Works is based to sign up for a series of jobs that don’t require a car or driver’s license, potentially unleashing a larger labor market. “For us to invest something, it’s about the size of the carpooling order of magnitude, or even more than that,” Mr Liskovic said. ”

For Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s chief executive, he has been trying to define “what Uber is” and why investors should suffer losses for at least two years. To justify investments in self-driving cars, bicycles, electric scooters, flying cars, takeaways and groceries, Cosrosasi compares Uber to Amazon. It is well known that Amazon started out by selling books, but now sells almost everything.

By reusing the technology and people who run the network’s car business to other jobs, such as Uber Works, Uber will be able to generate more revenue and ultimately profit, Mr. Liskovic said. The move also supports Uber’s previous claim that it is a technology platform, not a ride-hailing service.

Coslosasi’s bet is at a critical moment for Uber. London regulators said last month they would revoke Uber’s operating licence for safety reasons. This month, Uber released a safety report detailing more than 3,000 allegations of sexual assault filed with the company last year, raising further concerns about the dangers of the platform. Starting next month, a law aimed at reclassifying “part-time economy” workers as employees will take effect in Uber’s home state of California. Next year, Uber is in a long court battle.

For Cosrosasi, Uber Works is an opportunity for Uber to show that it is a responsible company. Tom White, an analyst at Investment Research firm DA Davidson, said temporary workers are a natural extension of Uber’s technology, but Uber must prove that it is profitable and does not endanger the safety of workers or customers.

According to previous reports, Uber will partner with personnel agencies to launch Uber Works, which will be responsible for job screening, verification, wages and taxes. Screenshots from the Uber Works app show that job-seekers can easily see a potential work schedule, working hours, wages and skill requirements, and even dress code.

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