Vivaldi 2.9 Officially Released: Significant Performance Improvements

For GNU/Linux, macOS and Microsoft Windows desktop platforms, Vivaldi Technologies today released the latest Vivaldi 2.9 update. Based on Chromium 78.0.3904.72, this version provides a range of improvements to the Vivaldi menu to make it more flexible, intuitive and fast.


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[图]Vivaldi 2.9正式发布:大幅改进性能

[图]Vivaldi 2.9正式发布:大幅改进性能

[图]Vivaldi 2.9正式发布:大幅改进性能

In the new version, users can access the custom web panel through the top menu, add popular sites to Vivaldi’s sidebar, easily tap to tab Bar, and hide to get more screen space.

In addition, the ability to allow users to activate the right-click menu to perform various operations, and to report BUGS more easily when the user browses the bookmarks.

“Creating effective navigation is critical to browsing,” said Jon von Tetzchner, chief executive of Vivaldi. At Vivaldi, we study every aspect of the browser to ensure better availability and performance. Good navigation should be intuitive and easy to use. “

In Vivaldi 2.9, a new option is set under Settings, Web page, default permissions, allowing users to set global default preferences for each requested website based on Bluetooth device, camera, geographic location, microphone, motion sensor, pop-up, and sound.

On macOS, Vivaldi 2.9 significantly improves the playback performance of HTML5 video, especially on older computers. For all platforms, it also addresses some of the IME (Input Method Editor) issues in the address bar, improving the availability of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean users.

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