British media says Putin used “obsolete” computer systems Russian netizens: nonsense

“Despite the risk of being hacked, Mr Putin is still using outdated Windows XP systems. According to a recently released photo of Putin’s desk by the Russian presidential press service, the Guardian published a note on the 17th, focusing on one detail of the photo: the computer in front of Putin is fitted with an “obsolete” Windows XP system.

Russia’s “Morning News” reported on the 18th, the Russian Defense Ministry export control documents show that the introduction of Windows XP in 2001 is Russia to allow government agencies to use the computer of the last Microsoft operating system. The updated version of Windows 10 is only approved for computers that do not contain state secrets. Microsoft officially stopped technical support for Windows XP and its companion software in April 2014, reminding users that it would be more vulnerable to viruses if they continued to use the system. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not publicly explain to the media why the Kremlin had not updated the operating system of Putin’s computer. Media speculated that the Russian government’s restrictions on the use of foreign software by officials may have been the reason Mr Putin’s computer did not update the system. Reported that it is not clear how much of a cyber security threat to Putin’s computer using Windows XP.

According to the Morning Post, Russian netizens reacted to the Western media’s report, which did not necessarily show that Mr Putin’s computer was not necessarily the one in the photo. “It’s a complete joke, Putin is definitely not using Windows XP,” commented one user. I think this could be the Astra Linux operating system developed by Russia itself. Maybe the monitor on his desk is just an accessory. Another netizen said: “British journalists this is pure nonsense.” Don’t Russian presidential officials understand cyber security? This suggests that there is a problem with the IQ of these Western journalists. We have a nice home-made operating system with a desktop design similar to Windows. ”

In order to safeguard Russia’s cyber security, On December 2nd Putin signed a law banning the sale of smartphones and computers that do not have software pre-installed with Russian government regulations, Russia’s “Link News” reported Wednesday. Russia plans to allow all government agencies and strategic companies to replace Microsoft and Apple’s software with domestic operating systems on the computers of all government agencies and strategic companies by 2025-2030. In addition to computers, Mr Putin’s mobile phone is also the focus of attention. Several Russian media have previously exposed Mr Putin’s “secrets” of his mobile phone, saying he has a special phone that is thicker than a regular smartphone and has multiple safeguards, including anti-signal theft and eavesdropping.

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