LG Display E6 line to introduce new devices bet ON OLED

As the world’s leading display giant, LG Display has always had a keen sense of business. LG Display has closed several LCD production lines this year, gradually putting its core business on OLED. LG Display is expected to upgrade its 6th generation of small and medium-sized OLED production lines next year, according to South Korean media reports.

LG Display E6 line to introduce new devices bet ON OLED

It is understood that the sixth generation (1500x1850mm) flexible OLED production line (E6) located in LG Display Gyeonggi Road added touch integration equipment and transformed the backplate process from LTPS to LTPO. Next year it is expected to offer a touch-integrated OLED panel for Apple’s iPhone.

In fact, LG Display’s E6 is called the Apple Line. The company began mass-producing flexible OLED panels for Apple’s iPhone later this year.

LG Display Touch Integrated OLED is expected to be available early next year. Samsung Display will make touch-integrated OLED technology Y-OCTA.

LG Display E6 line to introduce new devices bet ON OLED

LG Display is known as Touch On Cell (TOC). The OLED backplane currently produced on the E6 line is THE LTPS TFT.

In order to manufacture LTPO TFT, oxide facilities must be added to the existing LTPS production line. LG Display is currently discussing a timetable for introducing oxide equipment into the E6 production line in the second half of next year.

Lg Disolay’s add-on spres for oxides are known to produce 30,000 glass substrates per month.

The LTPS OLED production line will be transformed into the LTPO OLED production line. At present, the Production capacity of the E6 line LTPS is 30,000 per month.

LTPO is a low-power OLED display technology that Apple first commercialized last year in the Apple Watch Series 4.

Lg Poe’s E2 production line produces the Apple Watch Series 4’s LTPO OLED. Samsung Display started mass production of LTPO OLED for Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Watch Active 2 at its Asan 2 Campus A2 plant in Zhongnan this year.

Apple is trying to apply LTPO OLED to the iPhone. LG Display plans to shift its LTPO OLED production from the E2 production line to the 6th generation line next year. The E2 production line is the fourth generation (730mm x 920mm) substrate size line.

The author believes that OLED as a new self-illuminating display technology, can have a very good picture display effect, as the 6 generation line upgrade after the main push display technology products, it is very worthy of expectation.

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