Another weapon against robot phones: the at-amp;T push “valid number” green check-up function

It seems that every big player in the smartphone industry is doing something to combat robot phones, according tomedia. Samsung, Google and some mobile phone providers have introduced anti-spam features to customer devices. Now that AT?amp;T is joining the ranks: next, “some” Android phones will show a green check mark for “valid” calls.

It’s a spam prevention approach similar to Google’s recent introduction: the search giant began marking suspicious calls as “suspicious spam” in the right places, but only on selected devices.

As shown in the following image, the at-up number will display a green check mark next to the real caller number, and below it will display the text “Valid number” below.

Currently, smartphones that will automatically receive this feature include the LG V40 ThinQ, Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. If the user is not using the model mentioned above, only the “Digital Home Phone Service” user of AT?amp;T can also start this feature.

It is only the first step towards “taming” automated phones, and next year they will introduce more anti-spam measures, the company has promised.

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