Facebook’s ban on e-cigarette branding: Celebrities banned from promoting on its platform

Facebook and Instagram will no longer allow influential people to use “branded content” on their platforms to promote e-cigarettes, tobacco products or weapons,media reported. Instagram announced Wednesday that it will no longer allow the promotion of “branded content” of these items on both platforms. In June, Instagram introduced a reform that allows advertisers to promote their products and services by promoting posts from influential people or people who work with brands.

Facebook's ban on e-cigarette branding: Celebrities banned from promoting on its platform

(Photo from Juul, via Slash Gear)

When users browse branded content on Instagram, they’ll see the Pay Partner tab on the post.

The change fills a hole in Facebook’s advertising policy. Although Facebook’s advertising policy has banned advertising for e-cigarettes, tobacco and weapons, private users can still post information about them, and until now advertisers could theoretically use it to pay for it.

The company said it would begin enforcing the new rules “in the coming weeks”. An Instagram spokesman said it was the first time Instagram had imposed restrictions on the types of products that could promote branded content.

The company also said there would be “special restrictions” on the branding of products such as alcohol or dietary supplements once the new policy takes effect next year. According to Facebook, the company is developing tools to help content creators comply with new policies, such as limiting who can see their posts based on age.

Instagram also outlined other changes in the announcement. The company is testing Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager, the first of 40 Instagram content creators in the United States. The company said it was working to enable professional customers to share engagement metrics, including likes, with their business partners using new settings in the app as part of a “private like count test.”

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