Apple breakthrough in Micro LED technology push-related products the following year

Apple is currently building a third plant in Taiwan at the Longtan Science Park, which is expected to be completed in December, Taiwan’s Caixin Biweekly reported. Reported that Apple is building a new plant in Longtan at this time, most likely because of a breakthrough in Micro LED technology. Industry sources say that Apple so early into micro LED, in addition to early master of technology, but also early from the design of thinking, how to use micro LED features, Apple can use their own patents to design completely different products. Depending on the progress of the new plant, Apple could launch micro LED technology as soon as next year.

The new plant is larger than Apple’s original factory in Longtan, which has only two main buildings, while the sign on the site of the new plant says the new plant is six floors above ground, with a total of five buildings.

In addition, next to the Apple Longtan plant is The factory of Auda and TSMC, both of which are important partners in Apple’s development of Micro LEDs, and the new plant is within a 2-minute walk away.

Reported that Apple is now building a new factory in Longtan, most likely because of a breakthrough in Micro LED technology. When Apple built its first new plant in Longtan in 2014, one of its jobs was to develop a high-resolution OLED screen, which was frequently introduced by relevant suppliers around the world, and three years later, high-resolution OLED appeared on the iPhone. Also in this factory, Apple is developing Micro LED technology to compete with OLED.

Apple originally bought Micro LED start-up LuxVue to design the next generation of Micro LED displays in Taiwan, but the team moved back to Silicon Valley after encountering obstacles, an industry source said. Apple bought an old fab near its headquarters, “and they gave up LuxVue’s technology,” redeveloping the new micro LED process with semiconductor devices, six months ago, when it was heard that Apple had moved the Micro LED team back to Longtan. ”

On March 19 last year, Bloomberg also introduced Apple’s experimental plant in Santa Clara, California, under the title “The Secret Factory for Apple’s Development of New Display Technology” and said apples had made good progress on micro LED. From Apple’s recent patent application, Apple’s past Micro LED patents were designed by the LuxVue team, but the two-year-old patent has seen a number of new faces that coincide with industry observation.

Reported that Apple is a breakthrough in the device, the United States developed a new exposure machine that does not need a light mask. Industry observers observed that this device can make a large number of Micro LEDs on the glass substrate, in addition to significantly reducing costs, product design is more convenient, “Longtan new plant will introduce one, will also move equipment from Silicon Valley.”

An industry source observed that Apple’s early investment in Micro LED, in addition to early mastering the technology, but also early from the design of thinking about how to use micro LED features. AR glasses, for example, are the hottest new products of the year, and Apple can design completely different products with patents at its disposal.

However, Apple has always adopted proven technology, with the company adopting new display technology, mostly starting with the Apple Watch, like the first-generation Apple Watch, which was apple’s first OLED technology and a year behind LG’s smartwatch.

By this logic, a year after other competitors launch a Micro LED-powered watch or AR device, there’s a better chance to see Apple light up the undercard and introduce Micro LED technology. But judging from the progress of the new plant, it may be possible to see Apple launch a product using Micro LED technology as soon as a year later.

However, the report said, Micro LED is an important opportunity for Taiwan’s display industry, but also a deeply invested technology by Apple, the problem is only how quickly the cost can be reduced? When will it be officially launched? That’s unknown, but it’s safe to be sure that Apple’s Longtan plant will play a key role.

By contrast, at this year’s Optoelectronics Show in Taiwan, Micro LED start-ups have said they will officially launch mass production next year, while Taiwan is the best place to produce Micro LEDs, and next year will be the year companies compete to demonstrate their capacity.

Li Yunli, chairman of Taiwan’s start-up, believes that by the end of next year, Micro LED products will be seen in the market.

According to Chen Liyi, founder of Mikro Mesa, Micro LED is likely to make a “convenience patch screen” that is as cheap, soft and power-saving as a convenience sticker, producing on a scale of several square kilometres.

Reported that Apple’s research and development of Micro LED, the most nervous should be South Korea’s Samsung Electronics, because Samsung has always been to display technology department stores, must maintain the technology leadership, so not only rare investment in Taiwan Micro LED company, last year at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) launched micro LED TV, It is also the result of working with Taiwanese start-ups. Samsung may even launch a high-end phone with a Micro LED screen after folding it.

Reported that next year will be the first year of Micro LED mass production, led by Samsung and other manufacturers, from large to small screen, micro LED products.

Industry observers observe that Micro LED is still evolving, just as WHEN LCD was first introduced, it cost $200 per inch, now it’s $0.50, Micro LED is still in its early stages, “OLED and LCD can not meet the demand, is the Micro LED opportunity.” “

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