OPPO’s under-screen camera squeals ‘amazing’

On December 19th, at this month’s OPPO Future Technology Conference, OPPO released AR smart glasses, 5G CPE and other devices, while OPPO also showed off the prototype of the camera, which successfully attracted the attention of well-known media Android Authority. Android Authority points out that OPPO cameras are one of the highlights of future technology conferences. Because for many years the industry has been discussing where the front camera should be put, since entering the era of full screen, a variety of screen forms, front camera location is not the same.

Notch design has long been one of the most controversial topics in the field of industry technology. Android Authority says the design of the iPhone X-driven notch scheme is ugly and undermines the visual beauty of the entire machine. In fact, it’s so ugly that Google is back in the early big-border era of smartphones on the Pixel 4 series (the Pixel 4 series also supports 3D face recognition).

Surprisingly, opPO’s off-screen camera solves this industry challenge. It is reported that OPPO uses ultra-thin transparent material, in the selfie can allow light to penetrate the glass into the underscreen lens.

OpPO says under-screen lenses require larger apertures to capture enough light, and as higher pixels and larger sensors become more popular, off-screen lens implementations are no longer a big problem.

Android Authority stresses that the experience looks great when taking selfies with the camera under the OPPO screen.

It’s worth noting that if you look at it from a particular angle, you can see the front camera vaguely on the screen. In most cases, however, the front camera is almost completely invisible. Android Authority yelled “It’s amazing.”

For now, the camera phone is likely to be launched next year, and OPPO is likely to be the first to launch this new technology (The Find X series debut?). ), it’s worth looking forward to.

OPPO's off-screen camera squeals 'amazing'

OPPO's off-screen camera squeals 'amazing'

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