Tesla pushes to update “castration” Autopilot feature in response to NEW EU rules

Tesla has begun rolling out software upgrades to European cars that will significantly reduce its Autopilot performance to meet local rules on advanced driver assistance systems,media reported. The automaker recently began pushing updates to its Model S and Model X owners, citing European Tesla owners, according to a report tuesday by Electrek.

These updates comply with EU regulations for steering equipment for vehicles in 2017. Model 3 has now also received an update request.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The update means that everything from the calling feature to the automatic lane change will be affected. The former requires owners to be activated up to 6 metres away. As for the automatic lane change function, the entire process must be completed in 5 seconds. If not completed within this time, Tesla will terminate the diversion and return to the original lane. This may sound unrealistic, because if another driver on the road doesn’t accelerate or slow down to make room for Tesla, Autopilot will become quite useless.

Tesla said in a note that it would continue to fight for Autopilot’s return, but for now, the electric car maker must comply with EU rules.

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