Dong Mingzhu: Gree has overcome the side effects of air conditioning to achieve wind-free air conditioning

“Listed companies can’t rely on imitation or follow, more direction and target is from consumer demand. “October 31 news, Gree Electric Chairman Dong Mingzhu in 2019 to improve the quality of listed companies summit forum, said that the air-conditioning industry is now the biggest demand pain point for consumers is that the side effects of air conditioning wind brings us human damage, and Gree Electric has done windless air conditioning.

董明珠:格力已克服空调的副作用 做到无风空调

Dong Mingzhu pointed out that in the development of listed companies, the most important thing is how to position the enterprise’s own development, what responsibilities should be performed.

“Enterprises should attach importance to innovation, Gree’s research and development team is basically Gree’s own training, to become a creative enterprise to pay attention to their own talent training. “She took their own products as an example, the air-conditioning industry is now the biggest demand for consumers pain is that the side effects of air conditioning wind to bring us human damage, and Gree electrical appliances have done air-free air conditioning.

Mr Dong added: “Enterprise innovation depends on one’s own, and it has to be continuously invested.” Gree Electric has taken its own path in the field of industrial equipment, the front end of home appliance manufacturing, investing tens of billions of dollars in industrial equipment research and development over six or seven years. At present, Gree air conditioning industrial equipment and CNC machine tools are their own, Gree electrical appliances have more than 120 machine tools, machine tools only take 3 seconds to change tools. “

Moreover, in her view, for the government to create a fair environment, enterprises should focus on doing. “Really good companies should be down-to-earth, closely around integrity, quality, technology to solve problems, rather than focus on communication with the government, to cultivate fresh political and business relations.” “

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