2020 Honda Clarity fuel cell models work better at low temperatures

Although Southern California is the market for Honda’s Clarity fuel cell models, the company wants to improve and improve its start-up and operating capabilities in low-temperature environments for the 2020 models. In Wednesday’s announcement, Honda said the new model would deliver better performance and that owners would be able to avoid embarrassment in extreme cold and frosty conditions as it introduced rear-view mirror heating.

2020 Honda Clarity fuel cell models work better at low temperatures

(From: Honda, via Cnet)

In addition to these two minor changes, Honda offers consumers a new red look, complemented by details with black lines (positions such as the bottom edge of the rear view mirror). Consumers who prefer a white body will still get a standard brown interior.

According to the EPA, the 2020 Clarity offers 360 miles (579 kilometers) of battery life, but local owners can only choose a fuel cell rental option of $2,878 (20152 RMB) plus $379 (2654 RMB).

For the leasing company, it would be possible to get a $5,000 tax refund from the California government. Honda also offers an option of 15,000 miles per year (24,000 kilometers) if you choose to purchase a hydrogen fuel worth $15,000 (105,000 RMB) in 36 stages.

Unfortunately, the manufacture, transportation, storage and supply of hydrogen fuels is still quite limited, as California has suffered several outages this year. In response, Honda offers free 21-day transportation compensation.

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