Micro’s “smart insect” robot can withstand the threat of fly patting and shoe slapping

When it comes to the end of a fictional robot, it’s often worried about big robots like Boston Dynamics’ Atlas and Spot, according tomedia CNET. But have you considered the potential dangers of hordes of tiny, non-squeezable robotic insects?

A software robot called DEAnsect, developed by scientists, can stimulate a variety of sci-fi fun. A team at the Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, has developed fast, agile robots. “DEAnsect is driven by flexible artificial muscles: it can be twisted, bent, squeezed, while retaining its function,” said the EPFL researcher. “

The tethered version of the miniature robot can withstand the threat of fly-slapping or slapping on shoes. “DEA” stands for dielectric elastomer actuator, an artificial muscle that vibrates and moves the robot forward. The motion method is suitable for a variety of surfaces.

DeAnsect’s unrestricted version has batteries and electronic components on its back. EPFL describes it as a “smart insect” that can follow a line drawn on the ground. Researchers are installing sensors and transmitters for robots that allow them to communicate and coordinate with each other.

The DEAnsect team used a video showing five robots pulling a small Santa sleigh. This is a good preview of how they work together like a group of people.

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