CDC warns pet shop puppy at risk of disease

Bringing your new puppy home from a pet shop is a very exciting experience, according tomedia. You may have prepared for the arrival of this little guy, and then one thing you may not be ready for is that the arrival of this new member may make you sicker. The Rose Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has warned that the number of reports of serious bacterial infections due to the arrival of puppies is increasing.

CDC warns pet shop puppy at risk of disease


The problem bacteria, called Campylobacter jejuni, has infected 30 people in 13 U.S. states.

Earlier this year, the CDC began tracking the small outbreak, and now it has confirmed that the strains found in these infected people are the same. Several cases of infection can be traced back to Petland, a national pet chain, suggesting a clear link between pet shop puppies and the eventual infection.

According to CDC statistics:

Of the 24 respondents, 21 (88%) reported having been in contact with puppies;

Of those 21 people, 15 (71%) reported that they had been in contact with a pet shop puppy;

Twelve of the 15 (80%) had been in contact with Petland, a national pet chain;

Five of those 12 (42%) were employees of the pet company.

However, this particular bacteria is clearly resistant to the treatment of the most common “front-line” antibiotics. This complicates the treatment of infected persons, with four people currently hospitalized, fortunately not life-threatening.

As for how to protect yourself from the bacteria, especially if you want to welcome a puppy this holiday season, the CDC recommends that people wash their hands frequently and make sure your child also has a habit of washing hands after touching the puppy. Also avoid attractive “puppy kisses” because it can easily spread harmful bacteria.

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