NASA shares ‘candy bar’ image of universe found near milky center

On Christmas Day, NASA shared a colorful view of the cosmic “candy bar” captured by its GISMO observatory,media CNET reported. The scientists used the Goddard-IRAM Superconductive 2mm Observatory (GISMO) to use a radio telescope in Spain to capture the image, which shows red and yellow candy bar-like structures near the middle of the composite image.

NASA shares 'candy bar' image of universe found near milky center

“But there is no cosmic sweet tooth,” NASA said. Spanning 190 light-years, it is one of a long, ionised group of gases known as ‘filaments’ that emit radio waves. “

The observation of space by instrument sits very different from that of the human eye. Johannes Staguhn, head of the GISMO team, said: “GISMO observed microwaves with wavelengths of 2 mm, which allowed us to explore galaxies in the transition zone between infrared light and longer radio wavelengths. The paper was published in the Astrophysical Journal.

NASA shares 'candy bar' image of universe found near milky center

Images are made up of data from a variety of sources. NASA has released an annotated version that points to some bright spots, including a series of giant molecular clouds. Sagittarius B1 and B2 are examples. “These huge, cryogenic clouds contain enough dense gas and dust to form tens of millions of stars like the sun,” NASA said. “

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