AMD Releases Radeon 19.12.3 Graphics Driver Fix Some Bugs in 2020 Edition

Last week, AMD pushed Adrenalin 2020 Edition’s Chicken Blood Drive to its own GPU customers, bringing comprehensive improvements from drivers to the control panel UI. This “Towards 2020” driver also introduces a number of new features, including options such as integer scaling and dynamic resolution scaling. However, to fix some of the problems introduced by the previous version of “Chicken Blood Drive,” AMD has now introduced the revised Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.3 Drive, which is recommended for users who like to taste it.

AMD Releases Radeon 19.12.3 Graphics Driver Fix Some Bugs in 2020 Edition

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In the 19.12.3 version of Radeon graphics driver, AMD primarily fixes the cardton issue caused by enabling FreeSync in full-screen or window mode and turns down the volume after the drive is installed:

When using the RX 5500 XT graphics card, software or reporting incorrect game and acceleration frequency issues;

When a Wi-Fi card is enabled in the system, the Radeon software may experience problems and cannot detect AMD graphics hardware;

After the task switch, Rocket Beam Meng may crash, or there may be a problem with the application being suspended;

When the performance indicator is turned on, changing the game resolution may result in a black screen;

The problem that the user can still see in the full-screen game after the Radeon software override is disabled;

After stopping streaming or recording, custom scene audio may continue to play problems;

To avoid excessive volume in a system configuration, the default audio volume has been turned down;

Some users may not be able to select surface segmentation mode in the drop-down menu of graphics settings;

Issues that Radeon ReLive may be missing or cannot be installed on some hyper-V-enabled system configurations;

The newly added game profile may not enable the currently selected global graphics settings option;

When selecting a networked update, the driver cannot successfully upgrade from 2019 to version 2020 and report the failure of error;

Improved Radeon Chill experience with game mouse;

If you enable performance overrides in some games, you may experience a cardton problem when switching windows and full-screen modes;

In the Game of Armor Warrior 5: Mercenary, there may be a black bar damage at the bottom of the screen;

The problem of enabling Radeon Anti-Lag in the global graphics settings option, the DX9 application cannot be successfully invoked;

The issue of Radeon Anti-Lag may not be enabled in the Anti-Terrorist Elite: Global Offensive game;

The custom streaming option may not provide the user with a question about the URL box for selecting their endpoint;

When you try to perform a DirectML media filter on one image at the same time, you may not be able to apply a problem with the zooming or noise reduction function;

When FreeSync is enabled, some monitors may intermittently enable LFC in the middle of the game, resulting in poor performance or freezing issues;

In the scene editor, some hotkey issues may not be customized (option boxes render gray and not optional);

Adjusting the clock frequency of the RX 5700 XT graphics card can cause overclocking or unstable problems;

When enhanced sync is enabled, some games may not stabilize and lose control of the problem when setting up game profiles and performing task switching;

The question of Star Wars Jedi: Falling Samurai might not be enabled in the Radeon Image Sharpening game;

When HDCP 2.2 is enabled on some RX 500 Series GPUs, problems with some content may not be played back.

Download address:

Windows 10 64-Bit Windows 7 64-Bit

Of course, there are some known issues that remain unresolved in TheRadeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition 19.12.3, and this is not repeated here. Interested friends can go through the official release log.

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