Merkel reiterates Germany’s rule not to rule out Huawei building 5G: China doesn’t press

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has repeatedly stood up for “Huawei”, has come forward as the debate over 5G security continues in Germany. Merkel reiterated her opposition to excluding a company from 5G projects from the start, in the Bundestag. She also noted that “the Chinese are not putting any pressure on me” on whether Germany would ban Huawei from building 5G in the country. “

Merkel reiterates Germany's rule not to rule out Huawei building 5G: China doesn't press

Merkel made the remarks on the same day, Reuters reported, stressing that it was important to take trust into account in Germany’s 5G construction.

“I am opposed in principle to excluding a company, but I support every effort to ensure safety and other factors, such as the diversification of the (5G equipment) offer. We actually believe in the security services. Merkel said.

She also mentioned that in addition to Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia can also offer high-quality 5G products.

The day before, mPs from Germany’s ruling coalition, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), backed an internal proposal to exclude Huawei from Germany’s 5G construction. The mPs said their goal was to reach a consensus with Ms Merkel’s CDU-CSU group.

However, there are serious divisions within Germany’s ruling coalition over the issue, with The Merkel government wanting to strengthen technical certification and scrutiny of telecom equipment suppliers, but has not excluded any specific countries or regions or suppliers.

Last week, Wu Zheng, China’s ambassador to Germany, said on a German-speaking interview that “if The decision made by Germany leads to Huawei being excluded from the German market, there will be consequences.” “Somemedia have hyped this as a “threat” from China to Germany.

Germany’s decision on 5G cyber security rules has been delayed until next year.

Just last week, Telefonica Deutschland, one of Germany’s three biggest operators, said it had chosen Huawei and Nokia as its 5G network device suppliers. Earlier this month, Market leader Deutsche Telekom suspended all purchases of 5G network equipment pending a government decision.

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